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Interview Skills Preparation Session

Congratulations, you have negotiated and succeeded at the first hurdle.

You have been invited for an interview. Well done.

An interview is the process that allows you the opportunity to convince a potential employer that you fit the company’s or organisation’s culture and have the skills, knowledge, and experience for the position. A successful interview is highly dependent upon preparation.

Preparing for interviews is so important and often overlooked step in the job search process.

Interview Skills Preparation Session

Here at the Career Clinic, the Interview Skills Preparation session we offer will tailor your interview coaching and preparation to suit your requirements. We help you to prepare for all types of interview – competency interviews, traditional interviews, panel interviews and phone interviews.

Some of the topics we cover are the following:

  • Understanding the process and purpose of interviews;
  • Effective preparation – understanding the employer and what they are looking for;
  • Enhancing your ability to sell yourself, overcoming nerves and having the correct mindset;
  • How to answer those difficult interview questions and dealing with competency-based questions and framing your answers to highlight your skills;
  • Preparations required on days leading up to interview – checklist;
  • Follow-up suggestions.

How does it work?

Our process at the Career Clinic follows a simple 4-part approach. The session lasts for 90 minutes and this can do done as one session or if it suits you better can be done over two 45-minute sessions. Please send me an email on  and we can schedule what suits you best.

Throughout the session, you will be learning how to frame and highlight your skills etc so as to show the interviewer how you are a fit for the company and role. Our aim here at the Career Clinic is to empower you with the confidence and knowledge base needed to do well in your job interviews.

Who is this service for?

  • Anyone who has an interview coming up and does not feel confident about presenting themselves
  • Anyone who wants to understand the process of Job Search so that they can confidently apply for roles in the future.

Cost of Service: €265

If you are ready for the support to help you identify the next best step for you, please get in touch. All the sessions can take place in person, by phone, Zoom or through email. Simply go to the booking page to make an appointment and state your preference.

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