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See your career path clearly & take the steps to achieve it.

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Welcome to the Career Clinic

My passion is to empower, educate, equip and encourage people to reach their career potential.

It is a privilege and so motivating for me to be part of the process.

Here at the Career Clinic, I break down, what seems like a mammoth task, into small achievable steps that you control. Together we will bring clarity to your job search, whether you are new to the job field or figuring out your next career move. My mission is to get you there. My role as your mentor is to educate and equip you with what you need to do and how to do it.

Trust, Clarity and Professionalism are the key elements of this process.

Trust, in me, in yourself and in the process, as I navigate you along a defined path. As we complete each step you will gain Clarity and confidence about what is needed, with an action plan to make it happen. All of this is done with the utmost Professionalism at every level.

My commitment to you is that I will be constantly upskilling so that I am up to date with all the current trends in the ever-changing job market. My dedication to achieve the desired results for my clients means I consistently exceed expectations. This is not accidental, but the result of deliberate decisions, conscious effort and my immense commitment to you.

What I bring to the process is years of experience across many industries including the hospitality, corporate and training sectors where I have been involved in all aspects from management, recruitment and training.

– Nikki Curran

Some Happy Clients

This is a lifelong investment and one you will never regret – please check out what my clients have said about this process.

Our clients to date have targeted and succeeded in securing employment in the following sectors and industries – IT, Engineering, Retail, HSE, Civil Service, Public Sector, Banking & Finance Services, Education and Public Relations.

Nikki is an absolutely amazing mentor and consultant, extremely patient and brilliant at making you do the work as she say's 'you need to own this' everything in your CV and cover letter needs to mean something to you and help you to tell your story at interview. I cannot thank Nikki enough for all the work she did to help me get the great job I'm in today - as I would not be here without Nikki's help. Thanks a Million.

ClíodhnaBusiness Development Manager

There was very little available that helped me prepare for my very first interview after leaving college, until meeting with Nikki. Her help had a huge impact on me.
Nikki was tremendously helpful. The resources provided (before and after 1 on 1 meetings) along with Nikki’s incredible guidance, wisdom and dedication were all I needed to build confidence prior to interview.
The service was very professional, confidential and concise. All my worries, questions and queries were answered and all advise was practical and thorough.
Thank you, Nikki, - With your help my interview preparation was perfect, I went in with optimism and confidence and with your assistance I was successful in my interview.

LauraPrimary School Teacher

Nikki was a great help to me when I was interviewing for jobs and struggling with the interview process. Our 1 to 1 Interview coaching session really helped bring clarity to the job interview process. She guided me through the process and helped me outline my strengths and weaknesses in preparation for the interview. I was also guided on how to structure answers for the interview questions, which is a skill I have since brought into my everyday life as a PR professional. Nikki brought unique, clear and valuable skills, and gave me the confidence boost I needed for the job interviews. Nikki was so helpful and dedicated during the job interview process and was always on the end of the phone to bounce a question off!
I couldn't recommend doing 1 to 1 Interview Skills preparation enough, it really did give me an edge in the Interview, and I am very grateful for Nikki's help!


I sought the expertise of Nikki Curran last year for my daughter who needed encouragement and advice with a new career decision under consideration.
Nikki proved an excellent choice with her positive observations and absolute knowledge in the field of recruitment and career change.
Nikki very quickly and enthusiastically directed my daughter towards choices and information which helped her successfully find work within weeks.
We wish Nikki every deserved success with the Career Clinic.

Noelle (NR)Parent

Our daughter worked with Nikki at after she obtained her degree.
Initially, Nikki assisted her in CV preparation, career pathway assessment and advice on job seeking and potential company research.
Our daughter found all of the above greatly assisted her in matching her qualifications and her own interests with potential future employers. This allowed her to dismiss unsuitable companies and focus her efforts on companies that most interested her.
Once she had applied, Nikki then worked with her to prepare of and improve her interview technique. In the world of online interviews, this proved invaluable in our daughter securing a new job in a global company that offer great career path opportunities.
As a parent, this can be a trying time. We want the best for our children, but we are not always the best person to advise them, or more likely, our advice is not always received in the way we intend it. Having an impartial advisor during this process was very, very useful.
We would highly recommend Nikki to any new graduate taking the first daunting steps on their new career.


I approached Nikki as a fresh university graduate seeking her guidance on how to enter the working world. She helped me to whittle down the career path I was interested in, where to look for future jobs and how to understand a job description. The handiest part was the interview training she provided me. Interviews have never been my strong point but having the prep and the few tools in my back pocket that Nikki gave me, made my last interview a genuinely enjoyable experience. I have now landed an amazing job in a multinational company and without Nikki, I would never even began the process of applying to it.

HR Graduate

Nikki coached me throughout the job search process that I engaged with her after I was made redundant during Covid, helping me learn from missing out on jobs but also ensuring I learned from every experience along the way. Nikki spoke of the foundations upon which I had to build – my experience in the workplace and my education. From here we identified my skills and attributes and matched them accordingly to the jobs I was applying for. We built on those foundations, with patience, perseverance and the mantra of ‘it is not your door another door will open to you’. Finally, after months of working on my CV, cover letters, applications and what I wanted from my next career, I got to the interview stage. Nikki helped me to prepare for the interview to the point that I knew the ins and outs of what to expect and what was expected of me. I have done several interviews over the years, but I have never felt as confident, assured and comfortable as I did with Nikki’s guidance. I am delighted to say that after being out of work for what felt like an age, I am returning to the workforce. I am so thankful to Nikki Curran and her Career Clinic for helping to give me the platform to hold my head high in my new job. When I met with Nikki first, I was a rudderless ship, now I have a clear direction. The biggest takeaway from my time spent working with Nikki is the value I now place on myself and the knowledge she has imparted to me should I be looking for a new employment opportunity in the future.

LH, Ass Staff Officer, Grade IV

I have always considered myself a competent, passionate and hardworking professional but when it came to job interviews my confidence always dropped. When I got called to interview for a new job , a job that I felt very passionate about, I knew that if I wanted to get this job, I needed someone to help me to do the best interview that I possibly could.
I had heard about Nikki and about the services that she provided, so I contacted her and I am so so grateful that I did!
After the very first phone call I began to believe more in my ability because she instantly noticed and focused on my strengths. Nikki has this wonderful calming and non- judgemental way about her which makes you realise the best of yourself.
As soon as I got in touch with Nikki, she made me feel like I was the only person that she was working with (and I know that she is a woman in high demand!). Nikki fully dissected the job specification, recognised what skills were required for the role and identified what skills I have and what skills I needed to work on.
Over four days we shared voice messages about possible questions, we discussed in detail possible competency questions and we had a number of online mock interviews. Nikki at all times was constructive, honest and encouraging. She just seemed to get it!
I got the job and I honestly do not think that I would have presented myself in the way I did if it wasn’t for Nikki’s insight and encouragement.
I 100 % recommend Nikki to anyone who is unsure of where they are at with their job or doubting themselves about future job prospects…. contacting Nikki was definitely one of the best things I have ever done and definitely one of the best things I have spent money on…. It is worth its weight in gold!

Nessa Cosgrove

I engaged the services of Nikki Curran in preparation for a forthcoming job interview. I found the experience to be a very positive and worthwhile investment.
Combining a personable and holistic approach with the necessary strategic direction and framework for reflection and preparation, Nikki delivered a really thorough service. I would highly recommend her career clinic for anyone interested in improving their own career prospects.

Vanessa - Social Care Worker

After 14 years at-home re-entering the workforce was a daunting task especially with the uncertainty around covid times. Luckily I had Nikki to be an absolute pillar of support. Nikki not only gave me the tools to update my CV and to actively look for work but also guided me in how to up-skill while I waited. When interview time came Nikki was always available for any question and also help me through practice interviews giving me the confidence I so badly needed. I can never thank Nikki enough for the amazing help and support she was through this whole process.

Gillian, Dublin

Nikki is an excellent coach who equips you with everything you need to achieve your career goals. I cannot recommend her enough. I recently worked with Nikki for interview coaching and preparation. She is very professional, extremely knowledgeable and gives you invaluable advice. Nikki goes above and beyond to help you.
Nikki gave me the tools to have the best possible chance at success. Having secured the job, I would highly recommend Nikki's service to anyone who feels they need that confidence boost and preparation expertise going into an interview.

Maria - SligoHSE Grade V Staff Officer

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