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About Nikki

What I bring to the process is years of experience across many industries including the hospitality, corporate and training sectors where I have been involved in all aspects from management to recruitment and training.

I have recently relocated back to my home place of Sligo, after 35+ years away and then settling on the east coast of Ireland to raise my family.

After graduating from the School of Hotel Management in Shannon I worked in the Hotel Industry for 5 years and from there made my first move into the training and employment sector. Working for the external training division of FAS, I tendered for and developed many successful courses in Dublin and was directly responsible for the recruitment, delivery and co-ordination of the job placement for all candidates on the programme. Our job placement and employment rate were close to 100%.

It seemed like a natural progression to move into the corporate world and utilise these training and job placement skills as Assistant Facilities Manager with Accenture in their European Services Centre. I was responsible for a team of 25+ people focusing on the areas of interviewing and staff recruitment.

I have now found my way back to my passion, which is engaging with, educating, equipping, encouraging and empowering others to reach their full potential. This is why I set up my Career Clinic.

I am constantly upskilling to keep up to date with the new trends, so that the products and information I offer is current and always ‘best practice’. I am confident in the packages I offer and my method of delivery – the results speak for themselves – all my clients have found roles they are currently thriving in!

Along with working one to one with clients I also offer group training and I deliver talks in schools and colleges etc to both parents and students on topics related to careers and job search.

– Nikki Curran