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LinkedIn Review Service

LinkedIn, with more than 600 million users worldwide, is easily the largest professional network on the planet. Global research has found that over 78% of jobs are filled through networking. If you are serious about your job search and professional advancement, you need to use this vital tool to showcase your unique value to a potential employer.

This is where the Career Clinic can help.

Our LinkedIn Review Service

We review your current content and suggest changes to ensure you have a strong profile that will get your name and face in front of the all-important hiring managers and job recruiters.

Our review process involves:

  • Reviewing of your LinkedIn profile and content, section by section;
  • Outlining suggestions for strengthening your profile in line with what you want to use it for;
  • Detailed feedback on how you could improve the content and create a strong online footprint, increasing your visibility within your target market;
  • Suggesting how to use LinkedIn effectively for both networking and to target advertised jobs.

How does it work?

Our process at the Career Clinic follows a simple 3/4 step approach. For the LinkedIn review service, the process will typically take about 1 week. A faster turnaround can often be achieved, please get in touch if required.

At all times, throughout the process, there is ongoing discussion – this allows me to really get to know you and your desired future path. Our aim here at the Career Clinic is to empower you with the information and confidence to be able to update and engage with LinkedIn and use it to its full potential.

Who is this service for?

  • People who’ve never used LinkedIn before;
  • Final year students thinking about applying for graduate employment;
  • People wanting to contact employers or apply for jobs on LinkedIn;
  • Employees looking to build their network;
  • Anyone wanting to build their professional ‘brand’;
  • Anyone who feels that your LinkedIn profile is not proving effective;
  • Anyone who feels they are not using LinkedIn to its full potential as a networking tool;
  • Anyone who wants to understand the process of Job Search and what role LinkedIn plays in the process.

Cost of Service: €200

If you are ready for the support to help you identify the next best step for you, please get in touch. All the sessions can take place in person, by phone, Zoom or through email. Simply go to the booking page to make an appointment and state your preference.

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